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For this Track Feature we're covering the newest, and very impressive, song from solo Post-Hardcore artist Tom McKee called "Closer". The thing that blew us away right from the bat was learning that this effort was all self-produced. After listening to the track time and time again, there was no indication of that. This track sounds like a full produced band, and even then it'd be something we'd be excited to share.

Every traditional element of a great Post-Hardcore song is present in "Closer", and then some. Captivating choir-styled synths pull you into the song before taking you on a journey of heavy instrumentals, clean and anthemic vocals, catchy hooks with a guitar driven bridge, before leaving you with an epic outro. This was our first time listening to Tom McKee, but we feel that "Closer" was the perfect song to show us exactly what kind of potential this artist has. We can confidentially say that we will be back to listen to more, and you can expect to see "Closer" on our Best of 2020 list at the end of the year.

We also added this song to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify.

Tom Mckee - Closer (Spotify Stream)

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