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Ever since my own band played some shows with In the Whale, I’ve been fascinated by rock duos. So many questions: how does all that energy and noise come from just two musicians? How does it sound so big and powerful without a bassist? A rhythm guitarist? Most importantly, who drives the van if you both get a buzz at the show? How much do you save on hotels?

 I’d like to ask Washington DC garage duo Teen Mortgage some of these questions but for now, I’ll just have to enjoy their new single, Away. It’s a fast, energetic foray into garage punk that’s as catchy as it is exciting. There’s a great piano line throughout the song, a la Iggy and the Stooges, but who plays that part live? So many questions. With tours alongside Alkaline Trio and OFF! these two are doing just fine for themselves, but I feel like they must be exhausted. Either way, I’ll have to see them live now just so I can get to the bottom of some of this. Also, they’re right: the ice caps are melting away. Away. Away.

Teen Mortgage - "Away"


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