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Atlanta is a tough place to start a band. The traffic is terrible, rap is king, and fans and venues tend to be fickle at best. I should know, it’s where I started my band and where I live today. That being said, Atlanta breeds a certain resilience in its musicians. A strong work ethic perhaps. Take the three-piece punk outfit Reconciler for instance. To be on a roll, booking European shows and appearing on popular compilations, only to watch it all dissolve in the wake of a worldwide pandemic, it would be the end of most bands. 

Luckily, Reconciler aren’t most bands, and their song "Never Fade Away" is a great example of that tenacity. Even the title makes a statement.  Powerful, Chuck Ragan-esque vocals combined with a rhythm section that would’ve made early Face to Face jealous, and what’s not to love? There’s a passion here that is palpable, and I don’t use the word “passion” lightly, or often. Keep em coming, fellas. You’re on the right track.

Reconciler - "Never Fade Away"



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