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Australian metalcore outfit Patient Sixty-Seven has gained a cult following over the years on social media. Whether it be from posting funny text exchanges between them and their landlord or them having over 1000 “bassists,” this is a band that metalcore and emo fans love to support. However, they are no gimmick, and their single “No Place (feat. Aaron Gillespie of Underoath)” is another example of the unique blend of sounds they offer to the heavy music scene.

No Place” starts off the bat at 100mph; some djent riffs and soaring screams by vocalist Tom Kiely instantly grip the listener’s attention. Yet, the choruses by P67 always seem to grip me. With lyrics in the hook like, “Your self-serving motives only prolong / it’s time you stop holding on,” it is easy to connect with the track as a motivation to leave the toxic situations in your life. We also cannot ignore the monstrous breakdown featuring the gnarly “eeeeuuuggghh” by Kiely. Then, the feature by the legendary Aaron Gillespie enters the fray with a tortured and emotional performance during a clean break, sealing the deal of a can’t miss-effort by the Aussies.

Patient Sixty-Seven - "No Place"



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