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Austrian punk band, Mudfight, smashes open the door to invite listeners into a wild ride with their latest single, "Another Boy". Boasting an infectiously catchy blend of styles, this track starts with hypnotic energy that lasts until the song is over. You can expect "Another Boy" to make our "best of 2022" list at the end of the year.

Skate punk vibes drive this track through an anthemic mix of pop-punk and emo, leaving us with a refreshing and unique style. Ripping instrumentals create a fast and in-your-face vibe, while clever and well-written lyricism cements the track into a total banger. Every element we love of the genre is present in this track, and we're ready to hear more.

We're not sure what the band has planned next, but they have a string of singles you can jam out to while we wait and see. We added "Another Boy" to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. You can check out the lyric video for the new track below. Make sure to follow Mudfight to see what else they have going on!

Mudfight - "Another Boy"



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