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For years now I’ve had a daydream. A fantasy, if you will. Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit portly and awkward, perhaps I’ve never felt overly smooth or confident in my own skin. 

The daydream is always in slow motion and it’s just me, walking on the sidewalk, maybe entering a bar, but either way, I’m dressed to kill and everyone loves me. What’s more, there’s invariably a mariachi band following close behind, singing my theme song and sharing my daring exploits with passers-by. 

I should say it WAS a mariachi band until, of course, I heard the track “Take a Seat” by rock duo Good Bandits. Now, THAT’S the song playing, and it makes me feel finer than a new set of snow tires. Seriously, don’t take my word for it. Give the song a listen and as you do, picture yourself slow-mo walking down the street, turning heads and breaking beds. It’s either totally epic or I have a brain growth that is making my imagination far too vivid. Or it’s these edibles. Whatever the case, it’s an ultra-cool, catchy song and I’m backing it. 

“Take a seat in my head, make yourself at home.” Just make some room between the torture rack and the needlepoint.

Good Bandits - "Take a Seat"


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