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Denver rock band Fathom All The Animals have just released a swaying and sentimental new song entitled “Two Mondays.” Sensitive songwriting melds with alt rock riffs, simple guitar leads that tug at our heartstrings, and a singalong chorus for an emotionally effectual song about the heartache of slowly waning relationships as we grow up and grow apart. The track’s breakdown section is an especially vulnerable moment that could bring any casual listener to a complete standstill.

Two Mondays” completely exposes the inner workings of the artists’ mind and carefully renders it into the most relatable and moving songwriting. This is an eloquently stirring track we won’t soon forget.

We added the new tune to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Shut your eyes and listen closely to “Two Mondays,” then follow Fathom All The Animals for more band news.

Fathom All The Animals - Two Mondays

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