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For this Track Feature we're taking a look at "The Fear of Missing Out", the newest single from U.K. based Indie Rockers Drop Down Smiling. Blending both anthemic and catchy themes here, the band has done an impressive job at fusing influences to really create their own sound.

If you've been a reader of Havoc Underground, you know that the overall journey a track takes you on is really important to us. Drop Down Smiling delivered on that here. Catchy guitar and instrumental work pave the way for this track to take the listener down a journey of unique transitions, boosted by impressive vocals and lyricism. By the time the song is over, you're left with an Indie Rock hit. "The Fear of Missing Out" is also a very cinematic track. Lay back, close your eyes, hit play and let your mind create its own music video.

We're not sure what the band has planned next, but to be honest, we cannot wait to hear more. Make sure to follow Drop Down Smiling to check out the rest of their music and see what else they have going on. We added "The Fear of Missing Out" to the top slot of our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. You can stream the new single below. If you dig it, support the band and buy it!

Drop Down Smiling - The Fear of Missing Out


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