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On this Track Feature we're looking at "Fairytale Scene" the most recent effort from U.K. based band Daydream Runaways. This was our first time listening to the band, but this release has guaranteed that it will not be the last.

"Fairytale Scene" is a catchy track that brings a much needed nostalgic early 2000's Indie sound to the table. Reminiscent of some major payers in the genre like The Stokes or Arctic Monkeys, Daydream Runaways has done a great job at crafting out their own sound. One major example of this is the unique transitions highlighted throughout the track (including an Indie breakdown). Don't take our word though, listen for yourself! We're not sure what the band has next on the horizon, but we do see that they have released a few singles this year. After listening to this track, we're left hoping that an album or EP is in the works.

Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to check out the rest of their music. You can listen to "Fairytale Scene" below. We also added this track to the top spot on our Underground Indie and Alternative playlist on Spotify.

Daydream Runaways - Fairytale Scene (Spotify Stream)



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