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The opening of “Heavy New Year," the latest single from Tampa metalcore group Chasing Airplanes, softly beckons to us with an elegant symphonic debut. Once lured, we are immediately immersed in the song's timeless tale as gruff vocals, taut guitar riffs, and crashing drums are superimposed on an orchestral backing of yearning strings, cosmic keyboard leads, and ambient synth pads - a soundtrack apt for any legendary film or video game setting.

As the song unfolds, our eyes swim with half-specters of ancient Celtic warriors defending life and love against the brutal Roman invasion of Britannia circa AD 43. “Fear grips me and I cower," perhaps the track's most striking lyric, could have been spoken by a renowned ancient hero in confidence on the eve of deadly battle as easily as it may have been uttered by any of us in this lifetime. The true beauty of this song is that it fuses both the faraway and the near into one shared reality.

We added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Delve into “Heavy New Year," then follow Chasing Airplanes for more music.

Chasing Airplanes - Heavy New Year



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