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Casino Havana may still be an underground UK punk rock group; however, they offer a rare nostalgia for refined sound, with an Arctic Monkeys 2006 sound meeting the legendary sounds of bands like The Clash—a combination I did not know I needed to hear, but I am glad I did. The third track of their new EP, “CCTV,” describes a surveillance-based society—a real fear for many in the digital age of 2024.

In the introductory verse, they describe “a man in a tower watching everything you do” over soft chords before the guitars pick up the energy. This song includes straightforward punk instrumentals with an edge but enough groove and fun to dance with. They do not re-invent the wheel with their lyricism, repeating the same hook, but somehow, it works and increases the gravity of the message. With “CCTV,” Casino Havana stakes its claim as a new punk-rock band to keep an eye on.

Casino Havana - "CCTV"



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