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For this Track Feature, we're taking a look at "Ballad of a Daydreamer", the most recent single from London based Pop Rock duo Bvrden. From what we can tell, this is only the second release from the band, which makes this single even more impressive. Brvden has an interesting sound here. Drawing on influences of Indie Rock, Folk, Alternative, Pop Rock and more, the Duo has done a great job at blending their influences together to leave the listener with a catchy and unique track.

We're not sure what the band has planned next, but after a release like this, we're excited and interested to find out. I think what we like so much about this track is that it feels very relatable. It's very easy to paint your own picture to this song as it plays. The band had this to say about it... "Ballad Of A Daydreamer talks about a person who always daydreamed throughout his life, but finally finds himself questioning his actual situation and past choices. Although perplexed and disturbed, he's now motivated in finding a balance, and use his strengths to overcome his long-lasting fears." Like we said. relatable.

Make sure to give Bvrden a follow to see what else they have going on. We added "Ballad of a Daydreamer" to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist. Check out the new single below!

Bvrden - Ballad of a Daydreamer



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