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Austin-based artist, Atomic Bronco, has been busy releasing an impressive amount of music over the last two years. Their latest single, "Foolish Games", is a catchy new tune that features poppy vocal work over a melodic and well-produced instrumental.

Boasting an anthemic blend of indie, garage, and straight-up rock n roll, this track features impressive guitar work, groovy bass lines, punchy drums, and unique transitions. Clever lyricism brings the whole thing together and leaves us with a refreshing new tune that makes you want to hear more. What a release!

While we're not sure what Atomic Bronco has planned next, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases. You can jam along to the new single below. We also have it added to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

Atomic Bronco - "Foolish Games"

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