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"Playboy Driver", the latest single from U.K.-based rock n rollers, 9 o'clock NASTY, is an anthemic and in-your-face punk rooted journey that's equipped with big catchy hooks, ripping guitar work, and gritty garage styled production. The track explores an impressive blend between the raw attitude of Punk Rock, and the more melodic side of Indie Rock, to leave the listener with a poppy tune that's easy to leave on repeat.

You're thrown into quite the wild ride while jamming "Playboy Driver". There's an energy that's present in this track that makes you want to jump up and shout along with its infectiously catchy chorus. Unique transitions drive the track home while leaving you excited for whatever the band has planned next.

We added the new tune to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. You can check out the single below. Make sure to follow 9 o'clock NASTY to stay on top of whatever else they have planned next.

9 0'clock NASTY - Playboy Driver

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