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2020 sucked, but the music that was released this year did not! We received over 4,000 songs this year, and we wrote a couple hundred articles featuring that music. To try and sum up some of our favorites of the year, we created three Top 50 lists focused on the three main genres we work with.

Yesterday we released our Top 50 Punk Tracks list. Today, we're excited to premiere our next list... our Top 50 Indie & Alternative tracks of 2020. This was really hard to do. We received so much good music this year, and narrowing it down to a top 50 was tough. Next year we'll have to make it a top 100! This list is in no particular order, and features music in the world of Indie Rock, Alternative and Indie Pop.

Top 50 Tracks of 2020 - Indie & Alternative

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