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Philly based Alternative Post-Hardcore artist Tom Mckee just released his new single "Save Your Breath". This is the second time we've covered one of his releases, and we've became fans since. When it comes to this newest single, we have to say, this track might be our favorite.

This track boasts a great mix of clean vocals and a heavy instrumental. Reminiscent of some major players in the genre like Saosin, Anberlin or Silverstein, Tom Mckee has done a great job at crafting out his own sound. If you have any doubts about the track, we guarantee that they'll vanish as soon as the first chorus hits. Overall. this is a very anthemic track that showcases the songwriting abilities of Tom Mckee. Remember, this is a solo-artist! We remind ourselves of that when listening to his music, because it makes it that much more impressive.

Make sure to check out his artist page (linked above) to hear the rest of his music. We added "Save Your Breath" to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify as well. Give the track a listen below.

Tom Mckee - Save Your Breath (Spotify Stream)



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