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Chicago pop punk band Tiny Kingdoms springs forward this season with a spirited new single entitled “All I Know.” The track immediately hops ahead with a danceable groove relying on snappy kick drum, beachy guitars, and fine bass work. The vocals are pleasantly poppy and the chorus is appealing ear-bait. The breakdown section reminds us of glam pop star Mika, but overall we hear some aspects of One Direction in this track.

We’re probably reading into this too far (as music reviewers do), but we appreciate the double entendre of surfy guitars providing the foundation for a lyrical theme based on the information overload one experiences from regularly surfing the Internet. (Yes, we like dad jokes here at Havoc.) It’s a relatively unique theme, maybe not something you’d think would be pop song material, and yet the delivery of it in this song makes the theme totally fun and accessible. Librarians and information scientists everywhere applaud.

Check out the band’s Facebook page here for news, show announcements, and cool merch giveaways. We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the new tune below!

Tiny Kingdoms - All I Know



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