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"Ibis Budget", the new single from U.K. based band, The New Nostalgia, is a wildly catchy track that boasts an impressive blend of styles. While rooted in the world of straight-up Rock n Roll, this track throws out elements of Post-Punk and Garage Rock to leave us with a unique and refreshing sound.

You're thrown into quite the journey while jamming "Ibis Budget". The vocal work is melodic, the instrumental work is impressive, and the production is spot on. Those all play huge roles in making this track what it is. To us, however, the unique transitions in this tune are what really make it stand out. You're seamlessly taken through different anthemic structures in the track before you're ultimately left with a powerful headbanging and singalong outro.

When this thing ends, all you want to do is hear more. Fortunately, we're told that this is a single from the band's debut album which will be out later this year. You can check out the lyric video for the new track below. We also added it to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow The New Nostalgia to keep up to date with future releases!

The New Nostalgia - "Ibis Budget"



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