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We've been covering The Dirty Nil releases for a little while now. This band just does not disappoint. Their new single "Blunt Force Concussion" is a track that showcases everything you'd want to hear in a Dirty Nil song, and then more. This is a genre-defying track that pulls from multiple elements, leaving you incapable of not hitting replay as soon as it's over.

Let's talk about the overall progression of this song. Following the metal inspired intro of their last single "Doom Boy", this track starts off way different. A beautiful guitar driven intro leads into a calm and catchy verse. From there, you're taken into catchy and clean choruses, breakdowns and more. It's a bold statement to make, but this might be our favorite track we've heard from the band. One big reason for that is the overall journey you're taken on while listening. Plus the outro is just fucking epic. We can't wait to scream along to this song at a live show.

"Blunt Force Concussion" is a single from their upcoming full length album "Fuck Art" which will be out on January 1st, 2021. We added this song to the top spot of Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify, as well as linked it below. Make sure to follow the bands official page (linked above) for more info about their upcoming projects.

The Dirty Nil - Blunt Force Concussions (Spotify Stream)


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