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Updated: Sep 7, 2018

South Florida punk band, Shakers, have signed to local record label A Jam Records. Since forming in 1994, Shakers have been releasing music and playing shows. They're the most recent band to sign to A Jam since the label signed the two Orlando based punk bands Dial Drive and The ProblemAddictsfl back in June.

A Jam Records is an independent punk rock label based in Miami and Orlando. They were formed in 2017 by Joe Koontz of the Ska Punk band Against All Authority, and Dave Santos of Guajiro. Shakers are the newest band to the label, joining fellow punk bands: Radio 89, Dial Drive, Beat Obsolete, and The ProblemAddictsfl.

Shakers are releasing their newest album "Not the Shakers" this September on the label, and can be seen playing in Orlando, FL on October 6th at Florida Underground Fest. The first single from the album is called "16 Tons" and can be streamed HERE!

Make sure to follow Shakers via Social Media so you can keep up to date with what their doing!



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