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Indie pop group Scamps have just released a self-entitled four song EP, the band’s first. It’s a charming bunch of tunes, all with sunny, beachy vibes that we adore.

The lyrics of the first track, “Don’t You Know?,” describe “swirling around a rainbow” - a theme that is delightfully reflected in the track’s sweetly swirling guitars, like an early morning mist meeting the softly rising sun. Track two, “What’s Wrong,” features a prominent bass line and detuned electric guitars panned all around. The track reminds us of sipping margaritas on a secluded beach during a lazy afternoon - Jimmy Buffet but for young indie fans.

Beach Yu,” with its plucky guitars, delicately high bass tones, and light percussion, finds us daydreaming about skipping hand in hand through a wild grass field whilst the warm evening sun showers down. And the final track, “House of Cards,” full of twinkling little guitar lines and softly crashing drums, feels as though we’re chatting with friends around a campfire under a star-studded night sky. The gentle falsetto jumps in the chorus vocals make us smile inwardly. Altogether, we think this is a lovely set of tunes from Scamps.

Follow the band’s progress via their Instagram page here.

Scramps - Self-Titled EP



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