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Manchester-based quartet Pacific has released a new piano-driven single entitled “Alibi,” and it is exactly what we like to hear from the indie pop rock scene. Dark solo piano engages us from the opening chord progression, while driving drums and heady baritone vocals thrust us into a chorus that rushes in full force with everything the band’s got. The band’s arrangement capabilities are on display in this track as understated guitar work, synth leads, choir-style vocals, and compelling drum patterns weave together in the verse, bridge, and instrumental sections. The layered instrumental counter-melodies are pulled off so precisely and subtly, it appears to be the work of an experienced soundtrack producer.

Alibi” will remind fans of Tom Odell bursting onto the UK scene in 2013, but with Pacific there’s a heavier, pop-cinema quality. We absolutely adore the dark piano base of this track and how Pacific has elegantly designed an immense amphitheater sound around it.

Follow Pacific’s social media here for news stories, in-depth interviews, and engaging video content. We added this track to the top slot of our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the lyric video for "Alibi" below!

Pacific - Alibi



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