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Well, the announcement is finally here. We at Havoc Underground decided to start a small label addition to what we do. The goal is to create a collective of amazing local artists from through out the country that we feel deserve more recognition. Havoc Underground has always been about helping the underground music scene. More artist announcements are on their way, and we look forward to working with all of these amazing bands to grow the music community any way we can.

We're happy to announce that the Orlando locals, Our Escape, are officially the first band we'll be working with. We will be releasing their debut self-titled record in October.

Get to know Our Escape:

HU: Who is Our Escape, and how did you start?

OE: We’re Zach Waite (guitar, vocals), Brian Jett (bass), and Mark Neville (drums). Two of us (Zach and Mark) met a few years ago while playing in a different band. Although we decided to call it quits with that original project, we wanted to keep collaborating — so we started writing new songs, not sticking to any particular genre of music. We recorded a demo, showed it to a few people, and the next thing we knew we were booked on the first Florida Underground Fest. At that point we needed to find a bass player, and we’d been friends with Brian for years and knew he would be the perfect fit. Luckily, he was as excited about Our Escape as we were — and here we are.

HU: You have an impressive show count for being a newer band, why is playing live shows important to you?

OE: Therapy. It’s a way to get everything out and leave it all on stage. It’s also the joy of sharing what we do with all the other awesome musicians who have come to be our friends.

HU: Who are some other Orlando locals you as a band are fans of?

OE: We are so grateful to be part of an amazingly talented and supportive scene, and everyone is so great at what they do, so we wouldn’t want to leave anyone out. But if we have to drop some names, a few of our favorites that come to mind are Dial Drive, The Problemaddictsfl, the Longest Hall, 430 Steps, Cool Grandma, Gloriosa, and Noxious Profit.

HU: Tell us a little about your new record.

OE: We are super proud of it!  It was a blast to make and we hope the fun and energy we put into making it really shines through when people listen to it. It really takes Tibetan polka techno to new heights...

HU: Why did you decide to work with Havoc Underground to release your debut album?

OE: We actually received a few offers but Havoc Underground was the obvious choice. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with people who have so much passion and respect for our music, as well as for the local scene and all the people who support it.

HU: Any other news people should know about?

OE: Other than releasing our debut album, we just plan on playing more shows and getting really sweaty with people. 

Stay tuned for the release of their album in October! In the meantime, check out their first single "Look Out" below!

Follow Our Escape Here: FACEBOOK



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