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Norwegian indie rockers Onsloow have just released a new single entitled “Overthinking.” The song is about wasting one’s time on totally useless over-analysis, as those of us with at least mild anxiety are wont to do. But despite the title, the track itself feels completely natural and sincere, not overwrought in any way. Fluid vocals and lightly sparkling guitars skim a deeper soundscape of gentle overdrive and new wave synth tones.

Onsloow’s sound is reminiscent of the 2010s indie rock style, prevalent during a not-too-distant era when physical copies of cool advance indie albums would still get sent to the college radio station for student DJs to review and spin. It’s charming indie rock that evokes a pleasant mood, like wrapping oneself in a warm blanket and drinking a nice cuppa from your favorite mug, staying dry and warm on a dreary, rainy day. In fact, we anticipate doing just that later this year when Onsloow releases their entire debut album. Keep an eye on that release and other news by visiting the band’s Facebook page here.

Onsloow - Overthinking



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