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Happy to announce that the Buffalo Punk band, On The Cinder, is our newest "Band of the Week"! Check out our interview with them below, and make sure to follow these guys!

HU: How long have you guys been a band?

OTC: We started in the winter of 2012 and we played our first show in March 2013.

HU: As a band, who are some of your major music influences?

OTC: We try to keep an eclectic mix of music as influences, though some bands that have inspired our sound are Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream, Authority Zero, and The Lawrence Arms.

HU: What is your favorite hometown venue?

OTC: Sadly we just lost our house show space, but pretty much any basement where the kids are having fun in Buffalo.

HU: What’s your favorite part about being from the Buffalo music scene? Least Favorite?

OTC: Buffalo is a pretty small city, so everyone knows everyone which makes for a pretty tight knit community at Punk Rock shows. Though with it being a small town, it can sometimes be hard to help touring bands with shows since there are only so many options. We always like to help out of towners, though sometimes the resources just aren't available.

HU: How did you get your band name?

OTC: The band name comes from a quote from the comic turned Zack Snyder movie Watchmen, which the three of us watched the uncut edition in three nights just before the band got together.

HU: Who is your favorite local band to play with?

OTC: Bands come and go, there's windows of loving a band then things just fizzle out. But an old stand by is our good buds Radical Operations, Bob Saget to those guys.

HU: Best show you ever played?

OTC: Whenever we play Houston, TX it seems to be the next best. Great bands, great people, great friends.

HU: You guys are always on the road, what has been your favorite tour?

OTC: I think each tour gets better. This last one we got out to Texas, California, and Colorado in 4 weeks so that feels pretty solid.

HU: What’s your favorite thing about touring? Least favorite?

OTC: Favorite thing is definitely the freedom and the fact that we're working at something we really love doing which is our music and bringing it to new people. Least favorite is when things at home are tough and we're away: bills, missing family, friends, girlfriends, wife... life changes we can't be there for.

HU: Any major news to share?

OTC: Yes we have a new album called Lamplighter coming out this year, release details to be announced. Also, we'll be touring down to Florida in June to get loud and sweaty!

Check out On The Cinder's music video "Queen of Wands" below

Also make sure to follow the band to hear new tunes and catch a show!


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