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We're pumped to be back with another volume of New Tunes Discovered! We've got an awesome playlist of artists made for this round. As always, we're featuring 8 tracks from artists we've discovered in the Underground music scene! We pretty much hit every aspect under the "Rock" genre umbrella, so there's something for everybody. Check it out below and find some of your favorite new artists!

Highschool Jacob - Die 4 U

Up first we have the groovy Indie Track, "Die 4 U" by L.A. based Alternative Pop artist, Highschool Jacob. While this is softer than most of the stuff we share, we love this track because of how damn catchy it is! By the time the first chorus comes in, you're hooked. Heavy synths paired well with a poppy vocal melody guarantee that you'll be jamming this track until the end. Chances are, you'll be hitting restart as soon as it finishes anyway. We also added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify playlist.

TV Face - Work Hard, Have Fun

Next up we have "Work Hard, Have Fun" by the U.K. based Post-Punk band TV Face. This track has a really cool Indie style paired with a garage and Punk rock sound to it. Overall, it makes for a very unique track. Our favorite part of this song is its bridge. It cuts the song so well, leaving you to wonder where the track will take you next. Ultimately it ends on a very catchy chorus/outro. The band has released a ton of singles during the COVID pandemic, so check out their page to jam what else they have out!

Up next we have the song "Joskus mä pelkään" which translates to "Sometimes I'm Scared" by Indie band Gim Kordon from Finland. This is a rad track. Sure, we don't know what they're saying (it's all in Finnish), but the instrumental speaks for itself. Boasting a unique vocal melody, the track is a catchy tune any fan of Indie Rock will enjoy. By the time to song is over, you'll be humming the songs chorus and adding Kim Gordon to your play library.

hellocentral - One More Sunrise

Moving more into the Pop Punk side of things, we bring you "One More Sunrise" from the Denver based band hellocentral. We love how raw this song is. Straight up early 2000's Pop Punk vibes drive this track through a journey of catches choruses, fun structure changes, and heart break lyrics before ultimately leaving you with an epic gang vocal outro. "One more Sunrise" showed the potential that hollecentral has, and it's left us excited for whatever future releases they have planned.

Fluorescents - Back For more

Sticking with the world of Pop Punk, this brings us to the rad new track "Back For More" from Chicago based band Fluorescents. This is a great song that hits hard from the beginning and doesn't let up. Reminiscent of some heavy hitters in the genre like The Wonders Years or Neck Deep, Fluorescents have done a great job at capturing their own sound. Catchy instrumentals and choruses, unique structuring, and solid lyricism are all highlighted in this track, leaving you with a Pop Punk hit by the time it's over. We also featured "Back For More" on our Underground Punk Spotify Playlist. Make sure to follow these guys, because we can tell they'll be a better known name soon.

The Sand - Believe

"Believe" by Spanish band The Sand stood out to us because of the overall tone of the song. Starting off with an eerie guitar riff over a catchy vocal melody, the song takes you on a journey that continues to grow in power. This is a heavy song for an Alternative hit, and we love that. The guitar tone used in this track makes it that much more powerful. Heavy chugs paired over a piercing lead compliment the vocals and other instrumentals in the track. Our favorite part of "Believe" is the bridge that leads into the outro. We won't spoil that though, listen for yourself! We liked this song so much we added it to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify playlist.

Rules Of This Game - Spit It Out

"Spit It Out" by German duo Rules Of This Game is a unique track because of the style it showcases. It's hard to put into a genre, but we'll try... Electro Pop Punk? Sure, let's go with that. Catchy synths played over a standard Pop Punk instrumental draw you in right from the beginning. A strong vocal presence in this track, paired with a unique song structure, guide you through a journey of mellow verses and anthemic choruses before taking you into a bridge and epic outro. Overall, Rules Of The Game showed what they're capable of here, and "Spit It Out" left us excited for what's next.

Slim Tin Fox - Molly

Last, but definitely not least, we bring the the heavy Indie Punk track "Molly" by Dublin, Ireland based band Slim Tin Fox. This track is rad because it's right in your face from the beginning, and stays there until it's over (in a good way). We used the term Indie Punk because "Molly" has all the elements that make a great Alternative Indie hit, but also the aggression of a Punk Rock song. For first time listeners of Slim Tin Fox, this is a great track to show the bands raw power. We've added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify playlist. Make sure you follow these guys to keep up to date with new music. You can bet there's a lot to come from this band.


There you have it, New Tunes Discovered Volume 6! Make sure to follow the bands of tracks you liked so you can check out their rest of their tunes. As always, follow the Havoc Underground INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to stay in the loop when new articles are published.



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