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We've got a really cool playlist made for New Tunes Discovered Volume 3. Hitting pretty much every genre under Rock Music umbrella, Volume 3 is really diverse. Check it out below, and find some of your new favorite artists!

Krooked Tongue - Dance Like The Bull

First on our list we have Dance Like The Bull by Krooked Tongue from the United Kingdom. This song drew us in immediately with it's catchy and extremely present lead guitar. Heavy bass lines, unique transitions, a heavy bridge with a crazy solo, catchy choruses... Dance Like The Bull has every element that makes a perfect Alternative/Hard Rock anthem. We've also added this song to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist.

Hercules Mulligan - Hermosa Henry

Next up we have Hermosa Henry by Hercules Mulligan from San Francisco. This is a really cool and catchy track. More on the poppy and dance side, this is a track you can't help but tap your foot to. In addition to how catchy the track is, it's also arranged in a very unique way. The bridge cuts the song perfectly, leading you right into the anthemic outro that will 100% make you want to start the song over after it's done. We also added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist.

Face Command - Ride the 423

Ride the 423 is the newest single from Australian band Face Command. According to the band, this is a track about dealing with the frustration of traffic while driving through Sydney, Australia. This is something everyone can relate to. While the song does start slow, it explodes into a fast and fun Indie Punk track. Listen to the lyrics!

Execution Day - Lost at Sea (Castaway)

Getting into the heavier side of things, we bring you Lost at Sea (Castaway) by Execution Day from Pennsylvania. This is a cool track because it does a really great job at mixing hardcore, pop, and metal genre's together. Right at the beginning, the song pulls you in with a heavy intro, which eventually takes you to the songs extremely catchy chorus. Our favorite part of this track? The breakdown... scratch that.... breakdowns. That's right, this track boasts two bad ass breakdowns!

Davy Holden - Preppin' Defeat

Up next we have Preppin' Defeat from Irish solo artist, Davy Holden. This is a really cool Indie Pop track that caught our attention because of all the elements that are showcased throughout the song. It's especially impressive knowing that singing is a new thing to Davy Holden. I was never a confident singer, I could count on 1 hand how many times I've sang in my life” Holden recalls, “So I gathered up every bit of confidence I had and decided to take vocals on board myself". We dug this track so much we also added this to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist.

Keith Mosfet - Change Your Mind

Change your Mind by Canadian artist, Keith Mosfet, is Indie Punk gold. Ripping guitars, catchy and compressed vocals, unique bridge and transitions, poppy chorus and outro... You can't ask for more! This was the first track we've listened to from Keith Mosfet, but it left us wanting to hear more. We also added his track to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist.

Baby FuzZ - We're All Gonna Die!!!

We're All Gonna Die!!! by Baby FuzZ is probably the most fun song we've heard in a while... which is weird once you listen to the lyrics. The song is an upbeat and catchy tune singing about different ways to die, with the choruses chanting the inescapable fact that eventually we're all gonna die! Don't let this deter you though, this song is funny, catchy, and ends with an incredibly awesome Punk Rock inspired outro. We also added this track to our Underground Punk Spotify Playlist.

Coffee Talk - No Place In Your Head (feat. Matti)

Ending New Tunes Discovered Volume 3, we bring you No Place In Your Head by Pop Punk band Coffee Talk from Germany. This is the most heart felt track of this list, so it felt like the best song to end it. Coffee Talk is a new band that we recommend everyone to go listen to now. This was our first time listening to the band, and it left us wanting more. We're very excited to see what Coffee Talk has for the future. The track starts with a very catchy and emo sounding guitar intro, moves into a Blink-182 self-titled era verse, and then releases its extremely anthemic chorus. One of our favorite parts of this track is the in depth bridge which boasts a cool guitar solo before taking the song into the outro.


There you have it! New Tunes Discovered Volume 3! Make sure to follow the bands you liked so you can listen to the rest of their music!



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