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What's up readers! Glad to be back with another "New Tunes Discovered" list. This time around we got some really cool tracks for you to check out. From Punk and Alternative to Grunge and Hardcore, this list is showcasing some of the best Underground music we've received this week. Check it out below!

Trenchworm - Constant Death

Up first we have the French Hardcore band, Trenchworm. Their track Constant Death seems to actually be the only release from the band. We were drawn into this track because of the heavy and anthemic instrumentals that stay true throughout the entire song. Definitely leaves us wanting to hear more releases from the band.

Sloppy Folk - Chaos on Hold

Next up is Folk Punk band, Sloppy Folk. Their song Chaos on Hold stood out to us because we believe it gives out the exact sound that the band was looking for. The mix is a little rough around the edges, but that leaves your mind when you get to the catchy choruses. Their sound is represented in the bands name... It's sloppy folk punk, but with a catchy side to it.

One Possible Option - All We Do Today

All We Do Today by Croatian band, One Possible Option, is a cool track because the long and catchy synth heavy intro makes you want to keep listening to hear more. After you do, you're not disappointed. The song has a true hard rock feel too it, and the choruses are so catchy you'll find yourself saying "All We Do Today" under your breathe for the rest of the day!

Jessi Grossi - Ride With You

Ride With You by musician Jessi Grossi is a unique track. The intro immediately throws you off. You think you're in for a relaxed reggae song, but then the song takes a turn right into Pop Punk. From there on out it kind of bounces back and forth between the two genre's to make a very catchy and creative song.

Jay Parade - Mental Trillness

Mental Trillness by Charleston, WV based band Jay Parade is a great Pop Punk track. Reminiscent of bands like Teenage Bottlerocket or Descendents, Jay Parade adds their own sound to the mix as well. Especially in the songs bridge and guitar solo. We also added this song to our Underground Punk Spotify playlist.

Evening's Empire - In The Open

Turning more to the Indie and Alternative side of things, we bring you In The Open by Evening's Empire. This song has a great guitar driven intro the pulls you in. It's a pretty satisfying journey that takes to the most impressive part of the song... the chorus. We can't get over how catchy this chorus is! We also featured this track on our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist.

Relentless 3 - The Dawn

Getting back into the world of Hardcore, check out The Dawn by Japanese band Relentless 3. These guys bring it! Heavy guitars, powerful drums, mix of aggressive screams and clean singing, this song has everything needed to make a great Hardcore track.

Iduna - Here We Are Alone

Last but certainly not least, we have Here We Are Alone by Canadian band Iduna! We like this song because it pulls you in with an extremely catchy bass line. Boasting a very heavy and catchy chorus, unique transitions, an awesome guitar solo, and epic outro, Here We Are Alone is a track that made us want to restart it right after finishing it.


Make sure to follow all of these bands to stay up to date with new music! Thanks for reading, peace!


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