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Melbourne punk band, Never Ender, celebrated the release of their debut album "Make it Last" last night to a packed room at Open Mike's in Melbourne, FL. First off, Open Mike's is an awesome venue with amazing sound. It was our first time there, and we were very impressed. It's not your typical punk club, which was a cool change of scenery.

From the start of the night, before music even started, people started to pack up the venue. The lineup was very unique as well, blending different genres and bringing in a diverse crowd for the show. The lineup was Jacie Madison, The Easy Uzi's, Orlando's Dial Drive, and of course Never Ender to close out the night. There was a great energy throughout the night, that definitely came to a pinnacle when Never Ender took the stage. The show was hosted by Melbourne promoters Deep Six Booking who have been an amazing addition to the Melbourne music scene.

Never Ender released "Make it Last" in August, and last night was the perfect way to celebrate their impressive debut EP. If you haven't heard it yet, make sure to check it out below. Also follow Never Ender on Facebook so you can catch an upcoming show!

Stream "Make it Last" HERE

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