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Better Now” might be the lightest, least heavy-handed pandemic-related track we’ve heard all season (that’s how we’re interpreting it anyway), and for that, we very much appreciate it. Aside from the total catchiness of the duo’s indie rock sound and youthful lead vocals, the lyrics are refreshingly straightforward and relatable. “You passed a summer inside, wasted a whole year now, fill your head all full of doubts” - yes, we certainly did. And, somehow, we do feel better hearing these lost summer emotions we all experienced brought forward plainly by our peers.

The music video is equally charming, featuring a band playthrough of the song, and introducing brightly colored flowers toward the end to signify that after listening to this light, lively, and spirited song, we are, in fact, much “better now.”

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Dip into “Better Now” below and follow Montgomery for more music.

Montgomery - Better Now



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