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Belgian Hardcore band Moments have just released their newest single "Empathy". This is a very deep and powerful track, not just in the instrumental, but lyrically as well.

The instrumental alone of this track is enough to give anyone chills. Ripping guitars, bass and drums are perfectly executed and produced to compliment the aggressive and powerful vocals that are boasted throughout the song. The band let us know that the vocals focus on the call for equality and unity, which a lot of people can relate to in our current World. On top of that, the transitions of "Empathy" take the listener on a hell of a ride. Every element of a hardcore hit is there.

We added this track to our HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY playlist on Spotify. Even though it's only September, we'd say there is a pretty good chance you'll see "Empathy" on our Best of 2020 list at the end of the year.

Moments - Empathy (Spotify Stream)



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