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U.K. based Punk band Mick O'Toole just released their new single "She's A Weapon". To get straight to the point, this is a super fun and catchy track. When asked about the single, the band had this to say. "She's a Weapon retells the classic Pop Punk drama of 'Small-Town boy falls for local Punk Rocker Girl'. It's a light-hearted reminder to not get in over your head if you can't take the heat. But if you do.. you might just find yourself addicted to the chase".

By blending in elements of Folk and Celtic Punk into their sound, the band has done a great job at creating their own unique style here. Catchy vocal work is complimented by impressive musicianship, unique transitions, and top-tier production. Admittedly, this was our first time listening to Mick O'Toole, but "She's A Weapon" has guaranteed that it won't be the last. We're not sure what they have planned next, but we're hoping more tunes are on the way!

Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to see what else they have going on. We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out their new music video below!

Mick O'Toole - She's A Weapon



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