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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Baltimore-based band, Mean Sea, just dropped their new single, "Idiota Blanco". This is a fast and fun track that boasts an anthemic blend of punk, surf, and straight-up rock n roll. You're thrown into quite the wild ride of ripping guitars, unique transitions, poppy vocal flows, and impressive instrumental work. What a release!

Reminiscent of some major names in the game like PUP or The Hives, Mean Sea shines by crafting a sound that's nostalgic while at the same time feeling new. We're told that they have a new EP planned to be released on March 10th. These guys should be a band on the radar for anyone who enjoys the genre. Check out the new single below. We also have them added to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify.

Mean Sea - "Idiota Blanco"


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