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"Power Blazer", the latest single from Florida-based band, Least, is a beautifully crafted new tune that features a powerful and emotional vibe. Blending elements of emo, alt-rock, and pop-punk with their own style, the band shines here by creating a nostalgic yet unique sound.

Heartfelt vocal work drives this track through airy guitars, punchy drums, hypnotic bass lines, and spot-on production. The second single from the band's upcoming EP, "Power Blazer" is an overall anthemic track that leaves us wanting to hear more. That's exactly what a single is supposed to do. Fortunately, it looks like the band has been busy releasing a string of songs over the last few years. So there is more music to dive into while we wait for what's next.

We added the new track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. You can check out the single below. Make sure to follow Least so you can stay on top of their new releases!

Least - "Power Blazer"



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