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Chicago based emo-punk band Joyful have just released a heartrending new single entitled “Marigold.” Right from the opening and into the chorus we hear close instrumental parallels with Avril Lavigne’s “Take Me Away,” a track from the dark realism era of her discography that features commanding vocals and heavy stylization. Likewise, “Marigold” from Joyful is contemplatively dark and powerfully moving within the framework of melodically ear-grabbing writing.

There’s nothing quite like entering someone else’s headspace through the lens of songwriting, and here we are given a window into Joyful’s affiliation with the epidemic of addiction. Everyone has a story. For some, it’s their own story, for others, someone they know or someone they’ve already lost. For any and all of these reasons, this track will hit you where it matters.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Listen to “Marigold” and then follow Joyful for more band updates.

Joyful - Marigold



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