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Ambiguously ominous and deceptively hypnotic is the latest single from rock artist Hyattsvillain. The heavy, repetitious, pulsing rhythm of “Yolo is a Lie” draws us into a mindstate where we are easily manipulated into acting out the worst features of humanity, as suggested by the track’s theme.

Hyattsvillain reverses society’s usual interpretation of “YOLO” or “You Only Live Once,” asserting it is not the whimsical, liberating philosophy oft-celebrated by modern young adult culture, but rather a highly hazardous and potentially even fatal life model. Eerie, dispassionate vocals whisper misgivings in our ear as we drown in fuzzed out guitar, droning bass, heaving drums, and utterly mesmerizing synths. The message is clear - we must take heed or perish unfavorably.

This is a critically discerning track that immediately strikes pangs of both fear and awe into our hearts. We wait with bated breath for future releases from this shrewdly capable artist. Check out “Yolo is a Lie” and follow Hyattsvillain for more band updates.

Hyattsvillain - Yolo is a Lie

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