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Philly based Pop Punk trio, Goalkeeper, recently released their new EP "Life in Slow Motion". This is an impressive release from the band. Goalkeeper is a name that we've heard of here and there in the past, but this was our first time actually covering the band. "Life in Slow Motion" is a quick 5 song listen made up of catchy songs that make it far too easy to keep on repeat.

Our personal favorite from the EP is the track "Black & Blue". It's a song that we feel really showcases the overall intended vibe for the EP. Production, songwriting, instrumentals and vocals are all on point with this release. The band had some notable names work on the EP including Kevin Mahoney (Producer) of Hit The Lights/Joywave, Will Pugh (Engineer) of Cartel, and Seb Barlow (Mixing & Mastering) of Neck Deep.

The production of a release is extremely important. If something sounds like shit, no one will listen to it, but sometimes great production can mask shitty songs. This is not the case with what Goalkeeper has put out. The production on this EP only highlights the impressive overall songwriting that the band is showcasing here. Our only issue is that we wish there was more! Hopefully new songs and a full length are in the works for the band, as this is a release that is going to leave you excited for what's next.

Follow Goalkeeper (linked above) and check out the entire EP below. We also added their track "Black & Blue" to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify,

Goalkeeper - Life in Slow Motion EP (Spotify Stream)

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