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Port Elizabeth, South Africa based band FiveSidedDice just released their new EP "Disposable, Pt. 2". This is a unique release. Multiple genre's are reflected in these 4 tracks including Punk, Post-Hardcore, Indie Rock, Alternative, Emo, Grunge, Garage Rock and more. The band did a great job at blending these genres and influences together, leaving the listener with a powerful and impressive release.

By the time the Disposable, Pt. 2 is over, you're left wanting more, and that's exactly what an EP is supposed to do. The journey this release takes you on is pretty wild, and that's because the transitions in these tracks are very unique. The band definitely had a plan here, and they fucking nailed it. We recommend kicking back, putting your headphones in, closing your eyes and playing this EP from start to finish. We bet you'll be hitting restart as soon as it's over.

We actually added two tracks from the release onto two of our Spotify playlists. "Intro (Trauma)" was added to our Underground Punk playlist, and "Worth The Wait" was added to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist. You can jam the whole EP in its entirety below. If you dig it, buy that shit!

FiveSidedDice - Disposable, Pt.2



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