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Canadian rock trio Excuses Excuses have just released a rising new single fusing hard rock instrumentation with melodic pop sensibility. “Listen Up!” is, at its core, a motivational track encouraging us all not to give up and to continue pushing forward no matter what. This song reads like a best friend demanding you get the fuck up and get out there improving your life and pursuing your dreams. Grouchy, insistent, "won't take no for an answer," real life encouragement many of us could use on a daily basis.

We especially adore the track’s breakdown that speaks on a more personal level, acknowledging the narrator’s own shortcomings and insisting that one’s goals are still worth pursuing regardless of any past mistakes or perceived incapability. On a casual first listen, one may think this is simply a catchy rock ‘n’ roll tune, but upon deeper inspection, we find that a lot of meaning, care, and a selfless wish to inspire others went into developing this track, and for that we greatly appreciate it.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Get inspired with “Listen Up!" and follow Excuses Excuses for more music.

Excuses Excuses - Listen Up!



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