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This is the fifth issue of our weekly (we know it's been over a week.....) "Havoc Underground's Band of the Week" where we interview bands that we've not only become fans of, but that also contribute to their local music scene. This week, we're happy to bring you the punk band, Doc Rotten, from New Jersey.

HU: How long have you guys been a band? DR: A little over 2 years, we formed in the winter of 2017.

HU: As a band, who are some of your major music influences? DR: We all have different individual influences but as a band we all love punk rock. We grew up in the 90s punk era with bands like The Bouncing Souls, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, and NOFX; but we also love older legendary bands like Cock Sparrer, the Clash, and the Ramones.

HU: What is your favorite hometown venue? DR: The Mill Hill Basement in Trenton, NJ

HU: What’s your favorite part about being from the Jersey music scene? Least Favorite? DR: Favorite part is the people in it and the bands, we have a lot of support from our friends there. I would say my least favorite part is we tour a lot so we miss out on a lot of the cool shows at home.

HU: How did you get your band name? DR: We were sitting around pitching names and I said the rock bottoms or something like that, then AJ said how about Doc Rotten?! And I was like yes that’s awesome and it stuck.

HU: Who are some of your favorite bands you met on tour? DR: That’s a long list! The Lot, Dial Drive, System restore, The ProblemAddictsfl, the Sawed offs, the Joes, the Squared offs, Schiesse Minnelli, Down by Law, Booze and Glory, Sketchy Trench, Crooked Little Sons. I am sure there are more. We’ve met so many awesome bands and people, I couldn’t be more grateful for their friendships.

HU: Best show you ever played? DR: That’s a tough one, we opened for Down By Law in Osnabrück, DE and that was an awesome show. We just played Portland, OR which was amazing! But me personally we did an acoustic show at Stoned in Leipzig, DE a small venue that was packed, great crowd singing along lots of positive energy.

HU: What was your favorite tour? DR: Europe, specifically Germany was an amazing experience!

HU: What is your favorite part about touring? DR: Meeting new people. All over the world we’ve met awesome people who support us, even opening their homes to us. Hands down the people we meet are the best part.

HU: Any major news to share? DR: Tour Tour Tour... We are currently on a West Coast US tour, then Europe again soon, and we are currently working on a full length record. So more to come on that :)

Make sure to follow these guys via Facebook and try to catch a show if they come through your town. We've had the pleasure of hosting Doc Rotten a few times, so we can tell you that you won't be disappointed. Also, check out a video to their song "Sick & Suffering" below!

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