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Rock, pop, and metal forces collide in this track from alt rock group Carry The Day. “Liar (Set Me Free)” reveals the internal struggle we inflict upon ourselves when we construct a false facade for public consumption. This is a theme we think many people can relate to especially now, after a year of forced introspection brought on by the inability to escape the confines of one’s home, therefore, one’s close relationships, and ultimately, one’s own psyche, inevitably causing us to consider how we project ourselves outwardly versus who we really are on the inside.

The opening melodic guitar riffs and tumultuous drum fills set up an alt rock backing, while the entrance of contemplative alt pop vocals in the verse, peppered with a modest sprinkle of plaintive dirty vocals, push the overall heaviness toward the palatable modern alt radio side. The refrain “set me free” is repeated over a rhythmic breakdown of dark guitar and syncopated drums, which later progresses into tight knit dual guitar harmonies akin to those used in riff driven melodic metal. The overlap of genres and textures is extremely convincing here, resulting in a catchy yet passionate ballad of focused introspection.

Stay tuned for more upcoming releases, including a debut EP, on the band’s Facebook page here. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new single below!

Carry The Day - Liar (Set Me Free)


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