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New Hampshire based Punk Rock n Roll band Black Hatch just released their new album "One More Bite". This thing is a ripper. At 11 tracks long, "One More Bite" takes the listener through quite a journey of impressive instrumental work, aggressive and anthemic vocal work, shredding guitars, and unique song transitions.

Black Hatch really shines here by blending elements from a lot of different genres, ultimately giving the band their own unique sound. Elements of Punk, Grunge, Garage Rock, Indie, and straight-up Rock n Roll are present here, leaving the listener with a powerful and catchy album that's all too easy to keep on repeat.

Released through King Pizza Records, this is the band's first album since their 2016 effort "Kill The Buzz Kill". It was tough to choose a "favorite" track to add to one of our Spotify playlists, but we ended up settling on "Fear and Hate" which can be found on our Underground Punk playlist.

You can stream "One More Time" in its entirety below. If you dig it, you can buy a digital copy through their Bandcamp, or you can get yourself a Cassette copy HERE

Black Hatch - One More Bite



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