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Artist Jake Herring, who performs music under the name "BabyJake", just released his new seven song album Don't Give Me Problems, Give me Wine. If you've never listened to BabyJake before, now is the time.

The album is great from front to back, it's Indie Pop gold. We just heard of BabyJake ourselves when we received his new song Head In The Clouds, which is the single from Don't Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine. BabyJake has an incredibly catchy flow that's showcased in each one of his new songs. No exaggeration, Head In The Clouds might be one of the most catchy songs we've heard all year, and it will definitely end up on our "Best of 2020" list at the end of the year.

Check out his new album via Spotify, and the music video for his single below.

BabyJake - Head In The Clouds

BabyJake - Don't Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine (Full Album Stream)



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