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Evansville, IN based artist, Swamp Eyes, recently delivered their debut album, Something's In The Hall. Boasting an infectious blend of folk, punk, and indie/alternative rock, this is a wild 8 track banger that served as an amazing introduction to the artist's unique sound. What a release!

The brainchild of singer/songwriter, Sam Kuban, Swamp Eyes shines by crafting an infectious and heartfelt sound. This album is full of elements that will keep you engaged and wanting to listen over and over. Clever lyricism is present in every track as you're handed unique transitions, a wide array of instrumentals, and spot-on production work. There's a nostalgic vibe that's heavily complimented by a refreshing sound. Overall, Something's In The Hall is a dynamic and powerful set of songs that successfully delivers to listeners the incredible songwriting skills of the artist.

Each track sounds like it was carefully constructed and placed in an order to provide the most enjoyable journey possible. One second you'll be gently relaxing to melodic vocal flows over soft arpeggio guitar licks, and the next you'll be headbanging and frantically trying to learn the lyrics so you can sing along. We're not sure what Swamp Eyes has planned next, but this album has left us very invested in their sound and we can't wait to hear more.

We added two songs from the album to our Spotify playlists. You can find "Trash Palace" on our Underground Punk playlist and "The Farm Up North" to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist. You can jam the new album in its entirety below. Make sure to follow Swamp Eyes to stay on top of what else they have going on!

Swamp Eyes - "Trash Palace"



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