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Metalcore band I Am Horus just released their new album "Devil Inside". This is a 9 track album packed full of aggression, emotion and talent. This is a release the band can really be proud of. Not only is the songwriting and musicianship on point, the overall production is as well.

I Am Horus is based in Oslo, Norway. We got the chance to listen to one of their songs "Orphan" before this album was out, so this was a release we've been anticipating. Every element of a metalcore gem is present in this album. Heavy vocals, earth shattering breakdowns, catchy choruses... it's all there.

I Am Horus - Rage (Single from Devil Inside)

We added their track "Orphan" to the top spot on our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify as well. Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to stay on top of what future stuff they have going on. You can stream their new album in its entirety below.

I Am Horus - Devil Inside (Spotify Album Stream)

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