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DCxPC Live is a record label that specializes in releasing live performances on vinyl. We've featured a few of their releases in the past, so when we got word of their latest collaboration with FL-based bands, Except You and Trashworldfl, we were ecstatic to say the least. Vol. 26 - Live at Uncle Lou's is an anthemic and raw split recording with two ferocious thrash punk bands that boast an inside look at how killer the FL scene can be.

Except You

Both bands are female-fronted, and both succeed in delivering a sound that's full of emotion, energy, and powerful messages. Except You takes the first half of the album and hands listeners ripping instrumentals, melodic vocal flows, and unique songwriting. The St. Pete-based band has been steadily releasing music since 2022 and is an act that every fan of the genre should keep on their radar.

Trashwolrdfl takes the second half of the recording and hits with a ferocious and dynamic sound that's tough to take off repeat. One of the newer bands to emerge from the Central FL scene, these guys have been staying busy releasing their debut EP and captivating live audiences throughout the state.


As with all of their releases, DCxPC Live has succeeded in delivering a set of songs that captured the energy behind a live performance. This release gives you a sense of fomo wishing you can catch a set from either of these bands live. Uncle Lou's is a small venue in Orlando, FL that has become famous for their wild shows. Vol. 26 does a great job at capturing that attitude and delivering it to our earholes.

The album can be streamed on either band's Bandcamp, and if you dig what you hear, you can order your own vinyl copy HERE. Follow DCxPC Live for more releases, and then follow both Except You and Trashworldfl so stay on top of what else they have going on.

DCxPV Live - Except You & Trashworldfl



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