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American Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band A Scent Like Wolves just released their long awaited new album "Mystic Auras". Coming off the power of 4 previously released singles, this is a 10 track banger that is infectiously catchy and way too easy to leave on repeat.

Any fan of the genre will appreciate this release. Impressive vocal and instrumental work drive this album through spot on production, unique song transitions and powerful lyricism. This is the third album the band has released through We Are Triumphant. As our readers know, we don't typically give an album a "review score", but in this case we can't help it. We're giving "Mystic Auras" a 9 out of 10!

Make sure to follow A Scent Like Wolves to see what else they have going on (hopefully tour dates when the world get back to normal). You can stream the album in its entirety below. If you dig it, you can also buy the album HERE.

A Scent Like Wolves - Mystic Auras

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